50 Cent Continues To Troll His Baby Mama Over Reality Show She’s Working On

Curtis '50 cent' Jackson performs onstage during the Starz 'Power' The Fifth Season NYC Red Carpet Premiere Event & After Party on June 28, 2018 in New York City.

50 Cent is the master troll of the rap game. He always has something to say about current events or things in his private life that become public. While he’s previously used his social media platform to roast Busta Rhymes, Floyd Mayweather, Jim Jones, and more, he recently responded to reports that his baby is working with Nas’ baby mama on an upcoming reality show. After initially telling her to “get a fucking job,” he’s now telling her to call his former friend, Floyd Mayweather for a stripping gig at his club.

50 Cent clearly wasn’t happy when he heard that his baby mama is about to land her own reality TV show. The rapper shared screenshotted a picture of himself from his faux “Air Bud” commercial that he did for a Jimmy Fallon skit while clowning his baby mother Shaniqua.

“See right here Shaniqua this is the life rights agreement you signed. See this paragraph says you can’t do reality Tv ok. LOL,” he wrote in the first picture. “get the strap”

The rapper shared another picture, this time with the dog seated next to him while he appears to be confused.


“you starting to look a little thirsty you ok? Child support ls over😟l don’t know what else to say,🤷🏽‍♂️wait call Floyd he will let you strip at his joint.” The caption read in the second picture.


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