Nigerian Artist New Album 2018 Alert @Uzinigerdelta

The Nigerian artist and philanthropist Uzinigerdelta is out with a new album for his listening audience as he pursuit his goal of being the King of the south and hoping to break the bars into the mainstream of Nigeria wildly received music industry. This is the first album digitally and physically release under the name of Uzinigerdelta by formerly known artist Uzi, Oosie Uzi. This album comprises of 31 songs on the digital release and on the physical release 13 songs. You can get a copy of this album on all online stores (Itunes, Spotify Pandora, Amazon and at all vinly stores if you desire a hard back Cd in the United states and in Nigeria from the Alaba mix-tapes and DJ mega-mixtapes. You can also download this album for free online.
To book Uzinigerdelta or chat with Uzinigerdelta or connect with Uzinigerdelta, please link up @Instagram @Facebook @Twitter @Youtube all @Uzinigerdelta or send an e-mail to ( Tel: +234 811 000 4039  (What’s App)

Artist :
Origin : Nigerian
Album : In the name of Jesus
Release date : 1 October 2018 (Release party)
Release date online stores, Vinly stores United states, Alaba market Nigeria : 15  October 2018
Free download : Available
Sabam CAE code : 109516926
UPC: 192914978749
Book Uzinigerdelta : (Subject bookings) Tel : +234 811 000 4039 (Nigeria)

Chat with Uzinigerdelta : Facebook @uzinigerdelta Instagram @uzinigerdelta Twitter @uzinigerdelta

Preview Uzinigerdelta – In the name of Jesus


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