Tiffany Haddish Shades “Bitter Ass B*tch” During “Women Of Power” Acceptance Speech @uzinigerdelta


Tiffany Haddish has received an honor at Variety’s Women Of Power luncheon. The comedian gave a lengthy acceptance speech that was full of laughter and sprinkled with shade.

She shared a message of positivity during the annual event held in Beverly Hills, focusing on the importance of authenticity. Haddish broke down how she found success by thriving in her truth. She also managed to insert a comedic line that took a jab at those who have failed to do so.

“I feel like it’s very important to always be your best self and be yourself, and try not to be something you’re not. Because that’s when you become a bitter-*ss bitch, when you being somebody you not. People are like, ‘Does she got an attitude?’ — no, you’re trying to be yourself but you can’t because you’ve been lying for so long.”

As we know, this funny girl gets a lot of her jokes from personal experiences. Since we affirm that she has learned to be authentic to her true self as a youngin’ with the help of mentors, she must be talking about someone else. This wouldn’t be hard to believe based on the slew of critiques that have been aimed at the actress since her breakout role in Girls Trip.


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