Drake’s “In My Feelings” Story

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Following the release of Drake’s Scorpion and “In My Feelings” single, fans quickly turned into investigators and tried to find out who “Keke” was Drake kept referencing throughout the monster single. At first, people thought it could’ve been one of Drake’s old teenager girlfriends Keshia Chanté, while others liked the juicy rumors that it was Kim Kardashian, which Kanye even got at Drake about, but that doesn’t appear to be it (although he probably did smash her at one point or another). It turns out the real Keke is K’yanna Barber, a 24-year old woman who Drake was secretly dating last year apparently. Well recently, the real Keke stopped by Power106 LA and chopped it up with Felli Fel pretty much all things related to Drake.

K’yanna explains how she met Drake a couple years ago through rapper Kamaiyah, and she first heard the shoutout in “In My Feelings” when the rest of us did.

“I was kind of surprised by it myself when I heard it,” she said. “I was sitting in the living room with my son, my brother, my mom. We was just listening to the album like everybody else. You know, it’s Drake. He dropped new music. You listen to it. And eventually I got to ‘In My Feelings’ and we hear KeKe and my son goes like ‘mommy did he just say your name?”

K’yanna says there’s “a lot of little Keke’s running around in everybody hood,” but when she heard her initials, KB, that’s when they knew it was her and her mom lost it. “When we heard KB that’s when my mom started going crazy because that’s my actual initials,” she said.


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