T.I. Previews Intimate “Making Of The Dime Trap” Documentary


T.I.’s The Dime Trap may not have been a runaway commercial success, but it was certainly an intelligent and well-structured body of work from the veteran rapper. Those who profess to be Tip fans should do themselves a favor and give it a listen; it’s likely his most personal album since entering the game all those years ago. For those that have come to appreciate The Dime Trap, Tip has taken proper steps to enhance the experience. The rapper took to Instagram to preview an upcoming Rolling Stone collaboration, The Dime Trap: The Making Of Dime Trap Documentary.

“To do that for ten albums, to get people through certain parts of their life, through certain stages,” says a contemplative T.I., “that’s important.” He continues, saying “I realize that not many people will be remembered after they gone, for the things they do for themselves. Moreso, for the things they do for others. I try to do enough good to offset the bad shit that I’ve done.”

For more from Tip, be sure to check out the preview below. Keep an eye out for the full documentary, coming soon



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