Beto O’Rourke Raking in Campaign Donations From Celebrities #VoteBeto

Beto O’Rourke is trying to ride the blue wave in the Texas senate race, and if he pulls off a huge upset and unseats Sen. Ted Cruz, he’s gonna be thanking the green wave coming from Tinseltown.

We dug through 2018 Federal Election Commission filings to see which celebs were bucking up for Beto, and found lots of big contributions.

Sarah Jessica ParkerJimmy Kimmel and Rosie O’Donnell have each thrown down $2,700 … while Chelsea Handler plunked down $2,500 and Chris Rock has tossed in $1,000.

Beto also got $5,400 each from Connie BrittonTate Donovan and ‘Star Wars’ director Rian Johnson.

Ilana Glazer dropped $2k and Ike Barinholtz chipped in $1,500.

We also found a $5,000 donation from Margot Perot, which is super interesting considering she’s the wife of Ross Perot, the Texas mogul who failed twice in his bid for president.

Beto also cashed some fat checks from two huge screenwriters … $5,400 each from David Koepp (“Jurassic Park” and “Mission: Impossible”) and Nicholas Kazan (“Matilda” and “Enough”).


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