Uzi Niger Delta – Girl I love you

Check out "Uzinigerdelta – Girl I love you" new video clip on black & white. This clip was released today by the independent artist and his team.   This is the first album digitally and physically release under the name of Uzinigerdelta by formerly known artist Uzi, Oosie Uzi. This album comprises of 31... Continue Reading →


Travis Scott’s “Astroworld Festival” Sells Out With No Lineup Revealed

Travis Scott's Astroworld has become one of the year's most acclaimed albums, and the carnivalesque-motif has led to a seemingly endless slew of potential merchandising options. Why stop at T-shirts, hoodies, and blankets when you can spawn a god-damn festival? Ever the ambitious artist, Travis Scott has done exactly that, bringing the Astroworld Festival into existence. Set to pop... Continue Reading →

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