Tupac Professes His Love For A Young Crush In Handwritten Love Letters Selling For $15K

Another piece of Tupac's fabled past has surfaced, and if fans want to grab it, they'll have to drop a pretty bag of cash. As reported by TMZ, Moments in Time is selling 2 handwritten love letters scribed by the late poet when he was still a youngen. 'Pac was a 14-year-old freshman in 1985 at Paul Laurence... Continue Reading →


Kevin Hart Is Set To Produce An ABC Comedy With “Black-ish” Producer Courtney Lilly

Variety has recently reported that Night School actor Kevin Hart is slated to join the producer's team for an upcoming comedy on ABC alongside Courtney Lilly, an executive producer on the award-winning show, Black-ish. The upcoming comedy is set to depict the life of a 40-year-old divorced father who attempts to navigate his personal and professional relationships by emulating the swagger he once possessed in... Continue Reading →

John Legend and Katy Perry Condemns Donald Trump’s “Heartless” California Wildfires Tweet

Only recently, California was impacted by a wave of highly destructive forest fires. It is has been estimated that 9 people have lost their lives despite the valiant efforts of firefighters and forced evacuations. California natives such as Bella Hadid, Caitlyn Jenner, and Kim Kardashian have shared messages of hope, expressing concern for all of those affected and gratitude for their safety. "I heard the flames... Continue Reading →

Cardi B’s Upcoming Fashion Nova Collaboration Expected To “Sell Out In Minutes”

Bronx rapper Cardi B is gearing up for the premiere of her debut clothing collection with the popular online brand, Fashion Nova. She famously rapped about the brand and previously stated that she was earning $20,000 a month from her collaborations with the brand. As the release date for the exclusive collection nears, Cardi reveals her aspirations for her first... Continue Reading →


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