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Artist: Uzi a.k.a Uzi Niger Delta (King Of Da West)

Biography: Originated from the Niger Delta Nigeria, no stranger to conflict, hardship or lower-middle class life, basketball lover, used to beat-box as a kid, wrote lyrics in school books, used to be a member of Gospel Gangsters, performed at Stephansplatz every Sunday evening, done a couple of radio interviews, local and international gig


West Entertainment Records Artist Since: 2006

Hobbies: Basketball, Music, Cooking, Writing, Traveling, PlayStation

Lived in: Nigeria, Belgium, Austria, America

Favorite rappers: 2pac, Nas, Jay Z, Biggie Smalls, 2face

Concert: Uzi is a dynamite on stage, a sensation to experience, has the magnitude to make concerts/festivals guest enjoy a worth going to event.  He has performed in PPC Graz  Austria, Volksgarten Night Club Austria, Vibration Night Club Austria, Nekkerhal Mechelen Belgium, Borgerrio Festival Antwerpen, Wicked Festival Meulebeke, All White Party Massmechelen and many more.

Media (Radio/TV/Papers):  Uzi has been honored on local newspaper and international African news paper, his songs has been on local and international TV’s/Radio. He has worked with various school music projects. For interview with Uzi please send us an email (,


Songs: Uzi’s mix-tapes UWUIMWONSE is packed with 20 songs which he dedicated to his father who passed away 5th of May 2016. UWUIMWONSE means death has no friend in benin language Nigeria. Uzi make different genres of music, he custom his own genre which he calls PREACH music, preach music is a type of song where you see yourself as a preacher in a church preaching to a congregation of believers and none believers according to Uzi. We hope you enjoy this mix-tapes if you do please spread the words

Download Our Tracks: ITunes (US, Aus/NZ, Canada, UK/Europe, Japan, Mexico) , Amazon MP3 Delivered… Deezer, eMusic GetPlaylists, iLike, Immergent, InMotion, Intertech Media, La Curacao,, Wal-Mart (Liquid), MediaNet Delivered… MOG Delivered… Moozone Delivered… Myspace, Napster, Nokia, Puretracks, Rdio, Rhapsody, Secure Media, Simfy, Spotify, Synacor , Tesco, Thumbplay OTA, Virgin Mega, WaTunes, We7, Zune

















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