3 Men Shot After Fetty Wap Robbed Of His Chain & Cash In His Hometown Of Paterson, NJ


Fetty Wap escaped injury during a shootout that ensued after he was robbed of cash and his chain, in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey on Sunday, March 26.

TMZ reports that cops responded to a call of a fight and shots fired on Montclair Ave and Paxton Street around 5 a.m. When police arrived they found one man with a gunshot wound to his torso and another who was hit in the leg.

A third man thought to be involved in the incident drove himself toHackensack Medical Center with an undisclosed injury.

It’s not known if Fetty, born Willie Maxwell II, was involved in the shootout, but he was not among the injured and didn’t report a robbery. An investigation is currently underway.Story developing …

Kanye West Settles Lawsuit For Uncleared ‘New Slaves’ Sample Out Of Court

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Kanye West Settles Lawsuit For Uncleared 'New Slaves' Sample Out Of CourtIn 2015 Kanye West was hit with a $2.5 million lawsuit by a Hungarian musician, Gabor Presser, who claimed the rapper sampled his 1969 song “Gyöngyhajú Lány” (“The Girl with Pearly Hair”) without permission.

A large chunk of Presser’s track was used in West’s 2013 song “New Slaves” off of the album, “Yeezus.

Billboard reports that the suit has now been settled out of court. No details of the financial agreement were disclosed.


J. Cole Announces New HBO Documentary ‘4 Your Eyez Only’

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J. Cole teamed up with HBO last year for a concert film and tour documentary titled J. Cole Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming and now he has another documentary with HBO called J. Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only, A Dreamville Film.

The one-hour documentary directed by J. Cole and Scott Lazer will feature musical performances from Cole’s fourth album, 4 Your Eyez Only, as well as stories from low-income residents in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Atlanta, Georgia, Ferguson, Missouri, Jonesboro, Arkansas and Cole’s hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Check out the trailer below.

J. Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only, A Dreamville Film, will premiere on HBO Saturday, April 15 from 10-11 p.m. ET/PT

Kevin Gates Thrown Back In Jail For A Warrant On The Same Day He Was Being Released


Kevin Gates got the ultimate letdown on the day he was scheduled to be released from Polk County Jail in Florida.

TMZ reports that as the rapper was being processed out Friday, March 24, an outstanding weapons-related warrant was discovered, leading to Gates’ re-arrest.

Gates, born Marcellus Kevin Gates, had just finished serving 5 months of a six-month sentence for kicking 18-year-old fan, Miranda Dixon, in the chest during an August 2015 concert at Rumor’s Nite Club in Lakeland, Florida.

It’s not known at this time how much time he’ll have to serve for this latest legal setback

Migos, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Perform “Bad And Boujee” With ‘Office Supplies’

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Atlanta trio of Quavo, Offset and Takeoff, together known as Migos, made a stop on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform “T-Shirt” single from their latest album CULTURE and an “office supplies” rendition of “Bad & Boujee” with Jimmy Fallon and the legendary band The Roots.

Watch the video below.

Check out the instruments list:

Jimmy – iPhone Tones
Questlove – Scissors, Electric Stapler
Black Thought – Thumbtack Shaker
James Poyser – Coffee Pots
Mark Kelley – Keyboard Washboard
Captain Kirk – Tissue Box Guitar with Rubber Band Strings
Frank Knuckles – Water Cooler Jug Bongo
Kamal Gray – Paper Rips
Tuba Gooding Jr. – Bottled Water Jugs
Offset – Paper Clip Shaker
Quavo – Scissor Snips, Coffee Pours
Takeoff – Scotch Tape

Handwritten Lyrics For ‘Dear Mama’ By Tupac Shakur Being Sold For $75K

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MomentsInTime.com is making huge amounts of money off of Tupac Shakur memorabilia. The website, which has auctioned off numerous items once owned by the late, great rapper/actor/poet is now selling the handwritten lyrics of one from ‘Pac’s biggest hit songs, “Dear Mama.”

TMZ reports that there are three pages total. Each one is being sold for$25,000 apiece.

The pages also contain the names of rappers 2Pac was possibly considering collaborating with. One sheet is said to be more graphic than the others.

A private collector in Poland acquired them from the studio where the song was recorded. Moments obtained them and is looking for a $75,000 payday.

Head over to http://momentsintime.com/ to view them.

Is Kim Kardashian Ready To Divorce Kanye West?

“It is over. Kim and Kanye had a monster fight a few nights ago and they have NOT spoken since. She is living with her mom with the kids and he is in a hotel,” sources tell NAUGHTY GOSSIP. “They fight all the time but this is different. This is the end. She is growing to hate him and thinks he is a different man than the one she married. She knows he needs help and doesn’t want to leave him while he is down, but Kim cannot stand it anymore. She wants this nightmare to be over.”

Insider say Kris Jenner is trying to get her to stay with Kanye. At least until this season of the show airs. If she breaks up with Kanye now, the entire season will look like OLD NEWS!

Selena Gomez Covers ‘Vogue,’ Talks Evolution of Fans & How Tours Are a ‘Lonely Place’

Selena Gomez, who has gained an astounding 110 million followers on her Instagram alone — making her the most followed person on the social media platform — still feels the pressures of impressing a crowd.

The singer graces the latest Vogue in her first cover for the American version of the magazine, opening up about the struggles she faced when it came to the transition of her music (and subsequently, her fans) and how that affected a great deal of her mental health.

Recently known for embracing her vulnerable side and being authentic, it hasn’t always been easy for Gomez to reveal such an emotional part of her. Criticism for her work and personal life greatly shook the actress, who had to cancel tours and has checked into rehab facilities twice.

Selena Gomez on the cover of the April 2017 issue of Vogue.

“I’ve cried onstage more times than I can count, and I’m not a cute crier,” Gomez recounts of her numerous breakdowns and panic attacks before and after a show.

During concerts, the singer felt the pressures of pleasing her audience and at times felt she wasn’t good enough. A big part of that doubt was through touring.

Selena Gomez in the April 2017 issue of Vogue.

“Tours are a really lonely place for me,” she says. “My self-esteem was shot. I was depressed, anxious.”

Her disconnect from her fans was another reason for self-doubt. She couldn’t relate to her newer demographics of fans because she wasn’t allowing herself to face her own issues.

Selena Gomez arrives at the 2016 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Nov. 20, 2016 in Los Angeles. 

“I was so used to performing for kids. At concerts I used to make the entire crowd raise up their pinkies and make a pinky promise never to allow anybody to make them feel that they weren’t good enough,” she explained. “Suddenly I have kids smoking and drinking at my shows, people in their 20s, 30s, and I’m looking into their eyes, and I don’t know what to say. I couldn’t say, ‘Everybody, let’s pinky-promise that you’re beautiful!’ It doesn’t work that way, and I know it because I’m dealing with the same shit they’re dealing with.”

Selena Gomez in the April 2017 issue of Vogue.

With no movies coming out and no album dropping soon, Gomez finally feels like the pressure is off.

“For a change, it feels like I don’t have to be holding my breath and waiting for somebody to judge a piece of work that I’m doing.”

Selena Gomez performs during her Revival Tour on July 27, 2016 in Singapore. 

Currently, Gomez is an executive producer for the upcoming Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, which is an adaptation from the book. It talks about issues of teen suicide and social media pressures that the star holds dearly to her heart.

The April issue is out at newsstands today (March 16).